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Moving from a custom CMS to Umbraco

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Almost two years ago, I started playing around with Umbraco as a way of looking into an alternative CMS we could use for work. It proved very successful, just not for my site! Making a final push this weekend, I was able to do the finishing touches to move from using a custom CMS to Umbraco. Whilst the previous iterations of the site have proved defiant in the face of time, it was well past its prime.

The previous MVC was a great foray for me into the world of MVC. At one point it was home to four websites, and now it's time for that sun to set.

I've tried to keep the changes as minimal as possible. I've cleaned up a lot of the CSS to use the lessons I've learnt over the years and I'm glad to see that it's still solid greens on the lighthouse browser audits. I'll attempt to write up some of the various tricks or tips I've applied from many learning working professionally with Umbraco. In the meantime, you can find the source code on my Github.