Stephen Pammenter

.NET Developer

To snapshot the time I last worked on a project, I've used the Internet Archieve. These pages may be slow to load, or be missing images...

Dev Team Handbook

This was a fun little project. Using Hexo I built a simple static site where we could document the best practices and processes we use on the team. It works fully offline and is a full blown PWA app you can put on your phone.

We can now use PR's in Github to review processes and practices so everyone is always on board with new things.

Car Keys Styles

Design to Development can be a tricky process. To improve this close working relationship, we adopted atomic design and PatternLab to create the Car Keys front-end.

Car Keys

Orignally started out maintaining an Orchard CMS verison of the site, I was integral to the decision to switch Car Keys over to Umbraco when we had the chance to rewrite the system.

I was Lead FED, and introduced the team to using a style guide.

Swansway Group

Working on a team with three great guys to maintain twenty dealership sites.

All of our sites run from single .NET MVC server application, we manage front-end responsive design through LESS on a brand-by-brand basis.

Swansway Group Mobile

My crowning achivement so far, whilst working for Swansway has to be our mobile sites. Through dynamic serving, we deliver content optimized for mobile - this includes specific views and styles.

This work has put Swansway at the fore-front of the automotive industry in regards to web sites. I wrote all about the work I did here.

Tower to Tower 2015

To help my friends and myself raise awareness, I put my skills to work and built us our own site.

St. Pauls Church Warton

To help out a family friend, I built her local church their own site. The front-end hooks up to the exisiting CMS I built for all my sites.


In my final year at University, I built an Android augmented reality app for the process industry. You can find out more about it here.

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