POST Multiple Images to C# Server


Winning the good fight against POSTing multiple images via jQuery AJAX to a C# Server.

Old Article

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Today I had to work with multiple images in a HTTP POST, which all got rather complicated. Originally, I was using jQuery to serialize a form and wing it off to the server for me. It saved me doing a full page POST from a form, and meant I could add a customer message to a conversation via widget.

Enter, images – multiple images. So jQuery trips up when it comes to forms with the enctype = "multipart/form-data" attribute. It won’t serialize, your image(s) at all, meaning they just aren’t sent in the request.

Long story short, here is the solution (I haven’t tested this):

Form Data

I make use of the HTML5 Form Data object; this is not supported in older browsers. The best fallback would be to check is typeof FormData === "undefined" and just do a normal form POST – you can’t use multiple file uploads anyway. FormData simply creates a valid XMLHttpRequest of key value pairs the server can read.


AJAX Options

The other important bit is the properties set in the AJAX call. Setting contentType:  false means jQuery will not wrongly set HTTP content type header. Setting processData: false means the FormData object will not be processed wrongly into a string.



The rest is up to you, the type of object sent in is HttpPostedFileBase, which you can just take a list of and do with as you please.