Final Year Project - Miru awarded preliminary First Class Honours


Preliminary marks returned for Miru indicate a possible first, and I have now totally finished University.

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It's been an extremely busy week, this week. On top of ExpoTees, I also had one final assignment to complete to finish up with my Computer Science Bachelors.

You may have read about the success of ExpoTees in my previous article, well it hasn't stopped there this week. I have received a preliminary mark for Miru, which shows it is possible going to get a first class. The mark still has to go through moderation, but with is being cleanly above the lower bound I am hopeful it will remain a first class. This is really fantastic news!

Couple this with my last ever hand-in today, it has been an extremely positive week, marking the conclusion to my academic career. Today I have also moved all my stuff out, and will be looking for a place to live in or around Crewe.

Finally, to further busy an already hectic week, I have recently been training to become an RYA qualified Dinghy Instructor and this weekend is my assessment, let's hope this weeks success carries on!