ExpoTees Complete


ExpoTees 2014 is over (for Computer Science), thanks to all who came.

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Miru and myself almost didn't make it to the exhibition today, due to the engine of my friends car overheating in a cloud of steam. Fortunately we were able to get a tow truck to rescue us, and managed to make the opening in the nick of time!

First off, I would like to apologise to anyone who may have been mislead by my current situation. As you will now be aware, I am already in employment with Swansway Garages in Crewe - a job I took a little while after I was selected to go to ExpoTees. I know there was a lot of interest in what I had to offer in terms of my product and skills, especially having to listen through my 'pitch' only to be told, I have a job at the end! So again, I am really sorry for that.

I was very overwhelmed with the amount of great people who sought me from every other project, I had wholly anticipated not speaking to a soul the entire day! You all provided great discussion and interest in Miru, and it was really nice to see my hard work has not totally gone to waste. So really, a massive thank you to everyone I spoke to today, I'll be trying my best to reply to all emails received today by the end of tomorrow.

For more information on Miru, please check out this page on my site...