MVP Nearly Complete


A long awaited post to confirm the progress of Miru.

Old Article

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Unfortunately it has been a while since I last updated on the project. I took three weeks off for Christmas, and to get my other assessments done. Over the last week I have been hard at work implementing the latter stages of the MVP. As such the MVP is nearly complete, currently have a meeting planned with SABIC to talk more about what will be required in the details page.

I am going to spend the time prior to this polishing the data parts of the system. It is now possible to see the instrument types on the map, and a uses is also able to filter the instruments by type. Here is the latest version:

The data view for each instrument is almost done, and I intend to have that completed by next week. Currently a listener is hooked up to the marker info window event, which when triggered will take the user to a master/details activity.