Final Year Project Complete


My Computer Science dissertation for my final year is finally handed in.

Old Article

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On the twenty eighth day of March, two-thousand-fourteen in the year of our lord, he did layeth his report unto the hands of University, and so did rejoice. For the months of hardship were over, and so it was only left that the other five assessments be completed.

*ahem*.... So as per my previous post, the latter part of the project - the report - is now complete, leaving only my Viva.  


Basically, this has documented all the bits of my project in much greater detail then many of my blog posts have shown. It was a little more necessity then I had hoped for when I was writing it, but as I neared the end it was quite astounding to look back on all the work I have done.

For your viewing pleasure, I have added the report to my site (beware though, it's a good 4mb, here is a link to it on GoogleDrive). To complement the report, you can find the full source code on Github.

Further Goals

It's not quite the end of Miru. I thoroughly anticipate in continuing work on the application, I have so many ideas flying around my head that I want to put in, specifically I want to drive some focus into the AR as Miru is a little bit... 'wet'. What's more, there is a little less "red-tape" with a solely personal project. During the project, some of the things parts that may have been done quicker by re-using other code had to be avoided. So this will definitely be a very nice change.


I will provide updates on any changes in due course, and perform the same blogging functions as I always have. The documentation will likely be less, if at all. Finally, as I have said Miru will be demoed at ExpoTess, so if you want to see it in action