Acceptance to ExpoTees and Project Progression


The project is accepted to ExpoTees and an update on the project.

Old Article

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Good news!

I received word today that Miru has been selected to be demonstrated by myself at the prestigious ExpoTees event.

Project Update

In regards to the project, I will just add a little update here. Since my last article, I mentioned that I presented the MVP of the project to the team at SABIC. The work done so far has received positive feedback and has given a view to make some changes to the next iteration.

I will be finalising these changes with the Sabisu team on Friday, as they are overall owners of the project. Due to my recent absence, this meeting has been relatively late after the SABIC meeting.

Because I have felt confident that the idea's that came from the SABIC meeting are in aligment with Sabisu's thoughts, I began design and implementation of the next stage. This is a viable solution, only because I have used version control, meaning I can still get work done and still I am able to roll back to the MVP.

The SABIC meeting highlighted some more important needs, for the project. The previous second iteration would have included AR and other UX features, but this will now (pending Sabisu approval) be replace by data connectivity. Iteration 3 will now see AR implemented.

Iteration 2 - Data

ITT2 will see an XML serilizer and deserializer implemented. I discussed some different options on the best approach to the problem of getting data into the system from an external source. In keeping with my personal goals for the project, we discussed that XML would be the best option. XML provides the most generic form of input and output. It will mean that the majority of the data connection and handling can be done from an external source. The benefits from this means the scope of the project is not blown wide open in creating a data connection system, meaning we have a more functional application; which could still have a more solid data connection implemented later.

Iteration 3 - Augmented Reality

Finally, AR will be able to be implemented to the application.